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1Afripot Productions is a film production company located in the republic of South Africa, Being named 1Afripot Productions, it wasn nott just a name as you usually would name a company, the name "1Afripot" has a significant meaning, as where all Africans find them selves together doing one thing at a time, wherever you are, do not feel left out! funny enough, hey? 1Afripot Productions "means exactly that! Come on Africa, lets do this thing"

1Afripot Productions has many services, though as starting Productions, all the services are not fully working because we only started with filming and music productions, others are to be at your servives soon.
As 1Afripot is working on raising as many talents a possible, we also want to help as many people as we can, especially those who are still trying to figure out how to get a way out of making it in life. We call for auditions where those who attends are tested in different ways to try and discover what one is good at.
Once talents are found, We get a trainer to help the person with the talent, if its a new talents that we do not have a professional trainer in our team, we search for professional trainer to help develop the new talent.

"1Afripot Productions is open for collaborations with other filmmakers (productions), looking forward to building good relationships"

About Us

Our Management Team

1Afripot as a production, aim to be one of the best film making production in Africa and in the whole world!. We have as objective to helping young Africans to discover their talents and to be able to use them wisely.

1Afripot Services

Whether it’s picture or sound post for Film, Television, another kind of media or full digital content services, We deliver all our services to your satisfactions.
Our team handle the work from Pre-production to post-production and always have everythimg in places on the right time.


We source talent from the stage auditions, model companies and live shows for film casts, theater productions, TV shows, commercials, and television series. We can find any kind of actor, performer or stand up commedians. If you want them will cast them for you. Let us filter through the hundreds of people that show up for casting calls.

Wanna know more about afripot services? you got it...

  1. Film making
  2. Our filming is mostly done from the idea to the development of the story, by the ime the story is properly done, we start with the pre-production where preparations are made for the shoot, in which cast and film crew are hired, locations are selected, sets and props are all ready, then we get started with the production where all shots needed for the film are taken and ready for the final process which is the post-production, all the footages, audio are put together and edited.. Its now time to knock at doors trying to distribute our final product! Surprise! Get your your tv on, its now showing!

  3. Talent sharpening

  4. Have you ever looked at your self and asked your self what you good at? Confused? don't worry, we got your back! 1Afripot calls for young people who haven't found their way to help them to discover their talents, once they are found we make them shine and put them on the spotlight, would askfor more? Really? Come talk to us!

  5. Modelling
  6. 1afripot has a modelling section, we recrute, train and market models

  7. Commercials
  8. Part of our filming section, we also shoot commercials, edit and publish them.

  9. Music producing
  10. Not that am against singing but I am tired of those who sing for themselves while in shower! Come on, you can do better with your voice, the world still wana learn what you know! So, tell them! 1Afripot productions has a music production section, where you get trained, put in studio, record and then the world will see what you made of! I gotcha!!! Dont go telling people you did not get a chance to show off

  11. Camera training
  12. Park of the studio, 1afripot train people to use those pro-cameras, sound recording and lighting!
    Film making

  13. Film equipment Hiring (This includes pro-camera & sounds operators)
  14. we hire protographic the equipments, redords sounds systems and lighting! T&Cs: You have to provide a pro with a recognised certificate in case you dont want to use one of our Professinals!

Contact person: Maite Machipi

Cell:+27 76 381 6437
E-mail: maite@1afripotproductions.com
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